The new XS-series is the latest member of the Sysmex X-family, and offers the most compact fully automated 5-part differential hematology analyzers available in its class today. The XS-series produces accurate results at a price affordable for laboratory budgets, employing the highly advanced Fluorescence Flow Cytometry.

Tailored to meet the needs of small to medium laboratories, the XS-800i uses the same proven measurement principles and reagent systems as the Sysmex XE-series and XT-series.


  • Open mode offers one-touch operation
  • Selective testing, with real-time random access analysis, provides testing flexibility and reagent savings
  • Semiconductor laser used as light source for the flow cytometry system, for long life cycle and low electrical consumption
  • Ideal for analysis of pediatric samples - only 20ÁL sample aspiration volume required for a complete CBC plus DIFF
  • Optional barcode reader provides positive sample identification
  • STAT function allows immediate analysis of emergency samples

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