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The brain is considered the control center of the body with the nervous system acting as the highway, delivering messages from the brain to different parts of the body. These vital functions of the body are being performed even when the body and other bodily systems are in a resting state.

How well these systems are working within your body can dramatically influence mood, attitude and even your safety. For instance, when the hand touches a hot surface, the brain sends a message to that part of the body telling it to retract the hand. If these systems are not working to their full potential, things such as reaction times are affected and slowed.

Our TESTS Include -

  1. Total Cholestrol
  2. HDL cholesterol
  3. LDL cholesterol
  4. VLDL cholesterol
  5. Triglycerides
  6. Total Cholestrol/HDL ratio
  7. SGOT
  8. SGPT
  9. CPK
  10. CPK-MB
  11. LDH
  12. APO Lipo Proteins
  13. LIPOA
  14. Trop I (optional)
  15. Homocystine
  16. Carotid - IMT

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