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Pre Employment Checkup

Every time a new member is added to the corporate family or, personal family in the form of domestic help, it is always advisable to go for a health check up, so as to ensure that the person doesn't carry a potential Health risk of infecting the others in the organization/family.

Customized "You-specific" Solutions for Your Every Need
We offer you customized packages depending upon the variables that you seek. Our knowledge management team works on the screening profile incorporating your requirements and certain other criteria, which include, the age profile of the candidates, the ethnic background, environmental conditions, socio-economic factors, and industry-specific points, if any.

Basic Pre-employment Package includes the following -

  1. Hemoglobin
  2. P.C.V
  3. R.B.C
  4. MCHC
  5. MCV
  6. MCH
  7. Total W.B.C
  8. Differential count
  9. E.S.R
  10. Peripheral Smear
  11. Platelet Count
  12. Random Blood Sugar
  13. Blood grouping & RH factor
  14. Urine Routine
  15. ECG
  16. Chest X-ray
  17. HIV
  18. Hepatitis B
  19. Hepatitis C

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