1. AxSYM
This third-generation immunoassay system combines continuous access, random access, and STAT processing with a broad testing menu. AxSYM allows clinical laboratories to process a variety of immuno-diagnostic tests simultaneously, as well as add tests while the instrument is running. The AxSYM has a throughput varying from 80 tests/hr all the way up to 120-tests/hr. Tests on the AxSYM include; Drugs of Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Fertility, Oncology, Cardiac, Infectious Disease, Thyroid Hormones, Anemia and Allergy.

2. Random access immunoassay analyzers - Elecsys 2010
Engineered for continuous, random access operation, Elecsys 2010 analyzers deliver fast results for critical immunoassay tests. They utilize unmatched electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology to deliver short assay times, wide reading ranges and excellent precision.

STAT-capable and simple to use, Elecsys 2010 disk and rack analyzers offer a solution for medium- to large-volume laboratories that want to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Fast results and flexible capabilities

  • STAT turnaround - results in 9 minutes for Troponin T, CK-MB, Myoglobin, HCG and more
  • Easy to program, less than 1 minute/day maintenance
  • Broad measuring ranges and low-end sensitivity for TSH, Total PSA, STAT HCG
  • Comprehensive solutions for service, support and training

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